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Thank you for choosing All Things Junk for your bin rental needs. Please be aware of the following items which may not be disposed of within one of our bins:

-Chemicals of any kind. This includes household cleaning chemicals, yard or landscaping chemical, general garage chemicals, lubricates, oils, paints, etc.

-Liquid waste of any kind, fuel, oils, or medical waste.

-Pet waste.

-Hazardous waste.

-Asbestos or PCB materials


-Compressed Tanks, BBQ, Welding tanks, Fire Extinguishers etc.

Bins can not be loaded above the Top Rails of the bins, level loads only. Any debris which is loaded above the Top Rails of the Bin which makes it a hazard to transport the bin may be left at your property.

Your Bin will be delivered and removed the specified days of your order, please make sure the area where you have directed the bin to be dropped is clear of debris, vehicles and obstructions to allow the driver to safely deliver and drop the bin and avoid delay or a return charge.

Please feel free to call us at 1-800-233-1576 if you would like your bin removed prior to your order removal date and we will make every effort to get it out early for you.

-Please note the fee which you are charged does not allow for excessive amounts of tile, concrete, block, dirt, brick, shingles or any other debris which was not discussed with All Things Junk when booking your bin rental. Your  Fee includes an allotted amount of tonnage and is a 7 day rental.

8 yard (1 ton allotted)

14 yard (1.5 tons allotted)

20 yard (2 tons allotted).

Any tonnage above your allotted tonnage is charged additionally at the cost of $60 + HST per ton or at the fraction of.

Items which are subject to additional charges are as follows:

-Mattress $22 + HST per mattress or box spring.

-Any item with Freon and compressors, Fridges, Freezers, A.C. Water Coolers etc. are $120 +HST per item.

Additional charges may apply as follows:

Overloading your bin, where a driver needs to level out the load or remove debris from your bin to make it safe to transport. $50 + HST

Return Charge, If a driver is unable to drop or remove a bin on the designated days  you have ordered a bin due to obstructions, vehicles or any other obstacle and thereby will have to return in order to service other customers in a timely manner to either drop or remove a bin you have ordered a $25 + HST return service charge may apply.

All Things Junk is licence and register with the appropriate Government Ministries to haul and dispose of non-hazardous waste only. Any waste which is loaded within one of our bins which you have rented and will be loading may be subject to additional charges based on the particular circumstances for any of the above exclusions

An additional invoice for cost may be emailed to you for any of the above exclusions or charged directly to your credit card you originally used to purchase your bin rental..

 All Things Junk uses wood under our bins to protect your property. We want to make you aware of the possible trip hazard of the         protruding wood. All Things Junk is not responsible or can be held liable for any possible damage or injury as a result of the wood         used to protect your property while our bin is on your premises. You as the customer (Renter) are responsible for the safe loading     of the bin. All Things Junk Inc.can not be held responsible or liable for any damage to property or injury to anyone as a result of  improper, unsafe loading. Bins are only to be loaded to the level of the top rails and can not be loaded with debris above the top rails.

Thank you again for choosing All Things Junk for your bin rental needs. Please feel free to call us for any questions. information or concerns if you may require.

All Things Junk

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