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Reminder: Tecumseh Now Requires Use of Hard-Sided Waste Containers

All Things Junk would like to remind our customers in the Tecumseh area that all garbage must now be put out for collection in hard-sided containers with watertight lids on them as of January 1st, 2017, and any resident not complying with this rule could also be fined. This new requirement is similar to the rules about junk collection in Windsor and other municipalities. Plastic garbage bags or other bags placed at the side of the road will no longer be collected by the Town of Tecumseh, and instead will be left at the side of the road. Larger items such as furniture or other large household objects that would not fit into a hard-sided garbage bin will still be collected by the town.

At All Things Junk, we dispose of all of your household junk in a way that is completely compliant with the new requirements in the Town of Tecumseh, as well as all of the other municipalities in Essex County. This means that when you have All Things Junk take care of your junk removal needs, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your junk, yard waste, construction materials, or any other material we collect is going to be picked up.

With the new rules about hard-sided waste containers in Tecumseh, the town is also encouraging residents to recycle and donate furniture and other reusable items that they no longer want whenever possible rather than throwing them away. All Things Junk can help with that, too. Whether you have our professional, uniformed staff perform junk cleanup for you, or you take advantage of our convenient bin drop-off service, we recycle and donate items wherever possible so they can still be put to good use while helping you clean up your home or property. When you get household junk cleanup services from All Things Junk, we also dispose of all of your clutter and debris in an environmentally-friendly manner. For more information about what All Things Junk can remove for you, see What We Remove.

For more information on how All Things Junk can help you clean up, remove the clutter from your life, and do it in a way that meets the requirements of every municipality in Essex County, contact us or schedule junk pickup with us today.

For more information on the changes to the garbage pickup requirements in Tecumseh, visit


Source: Photo (AM800 Tecumseh Approves New Garbage Can Bylaw)

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