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Do-It-Yourself Windsor Junk Removal with a Bin from All Things Junk

At All Things Junk, we give you a choice of services that lets you pick the junk removal type that is right for you. You can let us do the garbage pickup for you, or you can use our convenient bin service if you want to do the cleanup yourself. This option gives you flexibility and control while still having us do the pickup and dropoff for you, all at a great price.  

Junk Removal Bins for Rent

Our bin drop-off service is great for anybody who has a cleanup process where they need the flexibility to move any of the garbage, junk, or debris they need cleared on their schedule, and those who are going to keep moving things over the course of a few days. With this service, you get the bin dropped off by our professionals on the day and time of your choosing for a low flat fee, and you can keep it for up to two days at no extra cost. From there, you can load it up with anything that All Things Junk can take away and, when you’re finished your cleanup, just let All Things Junk pick it up and haul it away. How much you pay is determined by how much you load it up with - you pay a low price per tonne of junk you put in the bin. This service lets you do your cleanup on your schedule, and combines flexibility with All Things Junk’s excellent service. Plus, we still recycle or donate anything that can be used again, even if you did the cleanup yourself, so you can still feel good about your choice of junk removal services in Windsor and Essex County.

The bins you get from All Things Junk are high-quality, durable, and big enough to handle just about any junk removal needs you may have. They are large enough and sturdy enough to handle construction cleanup, demolition debris, garage cleanouts, basement clearing, and much more. Plus, we include a plywood platform to protect your driveway or wherever you have us set the bin down for you.  

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Whatever you need to make your cleanup project a success, whether you need to remove a lot of or just a few select things, whether you want to do the removal yourself or want us to take care of it for you, and no matter where you need junk cleanup in Windsor, Essex County, or anywhere else All Things Junk services, we want to be your first choice for cleanup and removal.



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